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June 6


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Draw My OTP Contest [ENDED~!]

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 6, 2014, 3:18 PM

by Kunniki

:new: Thank you to everyone that participated~ The contest deadline has passed and entries given after this journal is updated will no longer be accepted. Judging will now begin and smaller prizes may be given to 'special mentions' because you've all done angreat job hehehe~
We hope you all look forward to the winners too~ *v*/

Hi everyone~ SousekiTerra and I have decided to hold our very first art contest because we want to see more art of our babies Miya and Seine. :iconjunesplz:
Yup, this ship be official now yo~
This'll be my first ever contest so please be gentle with me~ :icongyaa2plz:

:iconluvluvplz:Draw My OTP Contest by haemith:iconluvluvplz:


You have to draw both of the characters (scroll down for the refs -ssu~)
You cannot put any other character in the picture unless you have a registered character in :iconanti-faction: like our OCs
We accept both Traditional and Digital Art
You can have up to 2 submissions but you can only win once
You may put our characters in different outfits(like AU's) as long as they're still in character
NO Mature Content because we won't be able to view it lol
NO altering our OC's designs, like changing the color of their hair from pink to brown or their skin color from blue to tan and etc.  
NO using of bases, heavily referenced/traced stuff/stolen artwork, mmkay? :heart:
Please link back the contest in the description of your entry
Commissions or any artwork of them not made for this contest do not count

:star: The first 5 entries will receive 100:points: but you can only get it once~ (no using several accounts please)
:star: If you make a journal/poll advertising our contest, you will be added into our raffle for 300:points: (link it here in the comments so I can add you here please~) *will be cancelled if we get less than 30 raffle participants


(If you want to donate a prize, you're free to note me~ I'd really appreciate it too :heart:
Prize donors can also participate in the contest; judges may not)

First Place

:bulletpurple: 12 month premium membership or 2396:points:
:bulletpurple: :iconhaemith: colored full body
:bulletpurple: :iconsousekiterra: large pixel doll (can be a couple) + two chibis
:bulletpurple: :iconskwipples: colored half body
:bulletpurple: :iconmirrae: chibi
:bulletpurple: :icondalkishy: colored head shot
:bulletpurple: :iconoonekopandaoo: colored full body
:bulletpurple: :iconxhelloxkitty: chibi
:bulletpurple: :iconreverietales: colored full body
:bulletpurple: :iconsaekisekai: colored full body
:bulletpurple: :icondaiichu: chibi + llama badge
:bulletpurple: :iconasahikuranai: bust

Second Place

:bulletpurple:  3 month premium membership or 636:points:
:bulletpurple:  :iconhaemith: colored half body
:bulletpurple:  :iconsousekiterra: pixel page doll + chibi
:bulletpurple:  :iconskwipples: colored half body
:bulletpurple:  :iconmirrae: chibi
:bulletpurple:  :iconoonekopandaoo: chibi
:bulletpurple: :iconxhelloxkitty: chibi
:bulletpurple: :iconreverietales: full body B/W
:bulletpurple: :iconsaekisekai: colored half body
:bulletpurple: :icondaiichu: waist up chibi + llama badge

Third Place

:bulletpurple:  3 month premium membership or 636:points:
:bulletpurple:  :iconhaemith: colored headshot
:bulletpurple:  :iconsousekiterra: pixel page doll + icon
:bulletpurple:  :iconmirrae: colored headshot
:bulletpurple:  :iconoonekopandaoo: half body colored sketch
:bulletpurple:  :iconskwipples: colored headshot
:bulletpurple: :iconxhelloxkitty: chibi
:bulletpurple: :iconreverietales: chibi
:bulletpurple: :icondaiichu: headshot chibi + llama badge
:bulletpurple: :iconbangalooru: colored headshot

Who you have to draw:

:star: Remember: You have to draw both Miya and Seine together~


ANTI-FACTION APP: SEINE by SousekiTerra  :: ANTI FACTION :: Seine by SousekiTerra Color Sketch - SousekiTerra by KhunIX
AF: Pixel Doll Seine by SousekiTerra
More of Enn Seine here~
Cool (?) || Sarcastic || Pessimistic || Proud || Violent || Cold || Sisterly || Overprotective
:bulletblue: (more in her apps)
:bulletblue: (in simpler terms) Tsundere that beats you up when you make her blush =v=
:bulletblue:  Loves cakes so much poor Miya is going bankrupt

Distinct Features:
:bulletblue: She's supposed to be busty but don't make it too huge and exaggerated
:bulletblue: She has two earrings on her left ear
:bulletblue: her right ear really is shorter than her left ear
:bulletblue: her skin is a sort of bluish gray (leaning more on white than blue)
:bulletblue: she's quite petite and way shorter than Miya


ANTI FACTION APP: Miya by haemith [Anti-Faction] Miya +REVAMP by haemith
Gift: NotARuffian by SousekiTerra
More of Miya here~
Playful || Pushy || Sarcastic || Possessive || Carefree || Easy to Amuse || Shameless || Loud
:bulletpink:  (more in his apps)
:bulletpink:  (in simpler terms) Deredere with a hint of yanyan because he's possesive
:bulletpink:  Is a butt for losing lots of money buying cakes just for Seine

Distinct Features:
:bulletpink: His eyes are slightly droopy
:bulletpink: he has an earring on his left ear
:bulletpink: he's about five inches taller than Seine even if she wears heels
:bulletpink: his hair is pink, not purple or red
:bulletpink: He's a cat (I'm only saying this because some mistaken him for a wolf =v= )

AF: Bath time by SousekiTerra AF: Merry Christmas by haemith AF: Happy Valentines Day by haemith

Seine wants to keep an image of being cool and calm but loses it when Miya plays around. She disliked the idea of being touched because of her traumatic past but with Miya's pestering and attention, she somehow opened up to it once again.
Miya's always disliked the idea of an honest living because he's always survived just fine and grew a liking to being a big bad liar who only listened to his head and never his biased heart. But knowing Seine, it somehow brought him to want to be more honest and confess to her.

[AF] Because ILY by haemith AF: that meme thing by haemith

Their relationship started out not so good, with Miya just hanging around Seine to bother her and tease her about her blue skin, something she was very conscious about herself though she refused to show it. Eventually though, Miya grew fond of her reactions and clever comebacks that amused him more than usual. They grew closer when he forced encouraged Seine to play in the snow with him in exchange for two cakes.

They're more of a comical couple almost always in difficult situations or having bets which usually ends with Miya buying lots of cake for Seine. They're always caught with the flustered rabbit yelling at the laughing cat for some reason~

If you have additional questions, feel free to comment~

How to Participate?

Please fave this journal and/or comment that you're going to join so we can keep a list ovob
I may note you all individually and remind you about the contest a month before it ends if you have not submitted yet.

Exclamation Emote by GasaraWhen you're finished with your entry, please note me or comment a link to your work in this journal because mentions don't work sometimesExclamation Emote by Gasara


(I want to have our anonymous judges do a little math so we don't get biased ;7; )

:bulletpurple: 40% Personality Accuracy
:bulletpurple: 30% How good it looks (hey, it's an art contest)
:bulletpurple: 20% Effort
:bulletpurple: 10% Originality


That's like, 3 months so that's enough time, right? //laffs
(extensions may be given if you ask :heart:)


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Skritzel Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So.. I'm a little curious about how this is going to work. Will a new journal be posted with the winners, or will this one be updated? And do you know when judging will be done? (Apologies for all the questions, but the suspense is very real)
haemith Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I'll be making a new journal so the mentions work~ ; D 
The results will be out very soon~~ I just need to find time to type it all out hh well, finish typing it out, that is-- Judging is already done |D
Skritzel Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the information. I'm crossing my fingers that I got third place or something so I'm not so poor. And because the power of having other people draw whatever my heart desires would be great. But I looked at everyone's drawings for it, and dang- They're all so beautiful! D: At least it won't make me feel bad if I don't win that way :]
Rhythmspinning Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So excited TwT Even though I probably won't qualify, I still love to see who wins~
adistresseddamsel Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Late but hopefully within my mini-extension! If not, please have it anyway, as I worked hard on it <3 Time zones are so confusing. x_X

I don't know why it won't let embed your journal. I copied the thumb link and it keeps giving me messages. Grrrrr...
Skritzel Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dang.. I just finished the picture.. Oh well, I'm still uploading it for proof that I actually draw stuff sometimes.
Skritzel Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
(Banana still wants your vote because then, and only then, will senpai notice banana :iconsenpainoticemeplz: Take it.)
BLtaku Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
My entry:…
It's so creative....TvT
adistresseddamsel Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
I can't tell what time this is in EST, so I'll submit the one I have. I was working on another but it's not done. ;_;

If someone tells me what the submission time is in EST, I might have a second submission. >_>
haemith Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh //weeps
EST time would be 9 am sept. 27 instead of 9 pm sept. 28 since I'm 12 hours apart from the region. : >

Good luck and sorry for the late reply o<-<
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